12th Jun 2023

Alternative guide to solving your skills crunch

Our special editorial reports equips you with four key strategies to tackle to accounting skills crisis. Download to find out how to win the battle for talent.
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In this special editorial report we take an in-depth look at practical ways accountants can solve the challenge of skills shortages.

We share the recruitment and retention practices of award-winning practices and explore how alternatives such as outsourcing and automation can alleviate the burden on stretched internal resources.

Of course, it is important to strike a balance, recognising the value of human judgment and expertise that machines cannot fully replicate. And this report demonstrates that the answer to the skills crunch lies in utilising a mixture of all four solutions.

Each deep-dive chapter looks at recruitment, retention, automation and outsourcing in turn - and includes real-life examples, practical steps and strategies, drawing on the collective wisdom of a broad range of accountants in practice and experts.

This report covers:

  • Ways to cast a wider net when recruiting
  • How to make your practice attractive to potential applicants
  • What Gen Z wants from an employer
  • Ways to improve your retention of existing employees
  • How automation can help with capacity issues as well as staff retention and acquisition
  • How AI offers insight into future automation
  • Why outsourcing can help solve your recruitment headache
  • Which types of work you should consider outsourcing
  • Questions to ask a potential outsourcing partner
  • ...and more!

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IRIS & AccountingWEB guide - Alternative guide to solving your skills crunch

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