Company secretarial: How to make automation work for you

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Company secretarial: Ease the administrative burden and enhance your client proposition. In this guide, we examine how simple steps to automate company secretarial work can save your practice time and enable you to offer more to clients.

As an accountant, your skills and outlook make you ideally placed to work with your clients to ensure company secretarial compliance. Expanding your company secretarial service to clients – and finding ways to provide it more efficiently – can bring significant benefits for your practice.

Inform Direct is cloud-based company secretarial and formation software used by thousands of UK accountants to provide comprehensive company secretarial services for their clients including maintenance of statutory records, regulatory filings and compliance.

What you'll learn

  • What is company secretarial?
  • What constitutes compliance?
  • Why compliance matters
  • How to manage company secretarial work
  • Choosing the best software for you
Company Secretarial for Accountancy Practices

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