18th Jun 2021

How to hire globally - compliance, tax and payroll tips to make your life easier

How overseas workers could help your clients or even your own practice. Everything you need to know about international hiring
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Download this simple, yet comprehensive guide for companies looking to test the waters outside their own, local talent pool. Learn everything you need to know about international hiring, compliance, tax and payroll.

Why not discover what’s outside? It may be just the team you’ve been waiting for, but there are pitfalls to beware of. Read this guide to learn more about your options when hiring foreign employees for your practice, as well as how to help your clients who may be looking to expand their workforce in a cost-effective way.

You'll learn the benefits of hiring globally, how to avoid IR35 risks and the employee misclassification issues to look out for. Finally, the guide will go through the options for working with foreign employees, including working through an employer of record or setting up an overseas subsidiary.​

Learn how to resolve common issues and hurdles such as:

  • Compliance with local labour laws
  • Collecting the tax forms timely and accurately
  • Tracking employees’ hours and wages
  • Dealing with multiple currencies and time zones

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