Cybersecurity for accountants: Three ways to protect yourself and your clients online

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As Coronavirus fears have increased over the past few weeks, it's time to recognise the very real security risks we face online as accountants working from home and our role in protecting sensitive information.

We’ve seen an unsettling trend of cybercriminals taking advantage of this pandemic by targeting both businesses and individuals through phising emails. With increasing numbers now working from home, it’s more important than ever to be vigilant with your cybersecurity, as remote working is usually less secure than working from an office.

Discover specific areas of concern specifically for accountants, and steps we can take to lower the risks of breach. Be aware of why and where accountants are at risk and vulnerabilities. Walk away with a 3-part plan that you can implement right away, whether a solo accountant or working in a multi-member practice. Follow the best implement protective measures practices and some quick-start examples to get the best cybersecurity plan. 

When handling sensitive data such as client tax documents, you need to be extra diligent about protecting yourself (and your clients) from scammers. Read our three tips to spot, and protect yourself from, phishing attacks.


  • Learn to recognise fake emails
  • Be wary of ‘urgent’ requests
  • Be wary of ‘urgent’ requests

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