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The Taxpert App – accurately calculates new dividend and interest taxes, and more!

Do you have clients with combinations of pension, salary, self-employment income, interest or dividend income? Do you have clients who are Scottish taxpayers?

Thanks to the changing tax allowances and HMRC’s systems being unable to cope with these changes, calculating some client taxes just got harder. You may even find yourself having to submit paper tax returns!

The Taxpert App is one of the only apps that cover the new tax rules (including Scottish tax) accurately and in detail.

You too can be a ‘Taxpert’ with our awesome tax calculator app, which covers:

  • 2016/17 and 2017/18 changes
  • Interest tax rules
  • Dividend tax rules
  • Salary vs dividend and incorporation options
  • Scottish taxpayers

Our App calculates correctly across the UK.

The Taxpert App costs from just £99 + VAT.

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