27th Jan 2023

How digitalisation leads to growth for your clients and your practice

The case for cloud accounting is clear. Backed up by data and practitioners' own experiences, we show how to make the switch so your practice can flourish.
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Now is the time to embrace cloud accounting technology.

We've partnered with Xero to bring you this whitepaper on how and why to digitalise your practice and processes. With insights and experiences from practitioners who've successfully moved to the cloud, we'll show you how your practice can follow suit and thrive in the digital age.

A recent Xero study showed that firms with more clients using cloud accounting software saw year-on-year revenue growth of 15% on average compared to just 4% for firms not using the cloud.

From streamlined compliance to better communications with clients, the benefits of technology are huge. What's more, the improved efficiency and time you'll save will lead to greater financial rewards for your practice as well as help clients get a better understanding of their numbers so they can grow. It's a win-win situation. 


We cover:

  • How cloud accounting helps your practice grow
  • How cloud accounting helps clients
  • MTD for ITSA's role in digitalisation
  • The future of record-keeping
  • How to boost your revenue and streamline your workflows

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