8th Mar 2023

How every firm can benefit by putting bookkeeping first

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Bookkeeping is the essential component needed to keep clients compliant, their tax bill correct, and provide insights on performance.

Accountants and bookkeepers have the skills, but the technology is focused on doing the job, not managing the job, and time is always in short supply, making it harder to scale effectively without adding significant additional cost.

This guide explores how providing regular bookkeeping for clients means that you have much more of the data, sooner, and are able to react and control accordingly. Learn how to make your service scalable so it doesn't just generate more revenue, but also creates a platform service that benefits everyone.

What you'll learn

  • Why you should be supplying regular bookkeeping
  • 9 benefits of a scalable bookkeeping service
  • The reasons holding firms back
  • Automating the admin, not the expertise: The importance of staff satisfaction
  • How automation beats the bookkeeping challenge

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