31st Oct 2022

How to retain your accounting firm’s clients

This ebook details the ways to ensure your practice stands the test of time, so that clients recognise the value of your services for generations to come.
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The accounting industry has seen a few shifts in client loyalty.

Location is no longer a main factor, with online and remote working practices in the mix. This coupled with new technologies means making the change to a new accountanting firm is merely clicks away, with thousands of options at your clients' fingertips.

This ebook looks at several strategies to help you retain your clients year after year, maintain a sustainable income and boost your firm’s profitability over time. 

This ebook covers:

  • The butterfly effect of client retention on profits
  • Demonstrating the value of your service vs online/DIY options
  • Streamlining your service for maximum optimisation
  • Making your communication more targeted and personal
  • Building your brand for long-term success

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