28th Mar 2023

How to share client files securely

This guide will break down best practice for gathering and sharing sensitive files from your clients. Download to find out more.
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Each and every client in your care trusts you to handle their private information. It’s a weighty responsibility that’s only added to by the number of files being sent across your client base.

To effectively manage the tonnes of sensitive documents your business receives, you need to be able to securely and conveniently share files.

For the first consideration, security, you should be looking for ways to limit access points to client information and verify approved users. For convenience, think about the user experience of viewing & uploading files as well as how you’ll standardise file sharing moving forward. To strike a perfect balance between the two, we’d suggest investing in a client portal.

This guide covers:

  • A checklist of recommended security features to seal off unauthorised access
  • The benefits of using a client portal
  • The options you have at your disposal for strengthening security and protecting your client files

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