Lightening your clients' payment workload

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Lightening your clients' payment workload: Find how seamless payment services drive an outsourced finance function. Embrace the value of payment services workload.

Busy business owners and leaders will be only too happy for you to reduce their financial workload – taking on the tasks of paying suppliers, settling invoices and covering their payroll provision frees up time for them to focus on their own business growth.

Learn in this guide how to use payment services as a driver of outsourced finance, where you can quickly review, match and pay your client’s bills for them – that creates a new service to offer, a new revenue stream to plough and a new way to keep your clients happy.

What you'll learn

  • How to lighten your clients' finance workload
  • The key challenges of offering payment services
  • How to offer low risk, high margin payment services
  • Why Telleroo is the ideal payment platform for accountants

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