8th Jul 2022

MTD ITSA: How to manage digital records

Find out how to determine the digital records you will need for client businesses under the incoming MTD ITSA, as well as deciding who will take responsibility.
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In Part Two of our ultimate MTD ITSA guide series, Rebecca Benneyworth explores the digital records you will need for client businesses and how this might work in your practice.

Carrying on from the digital start date that we discussed in Part One, this guide offers a clear outline of the approach to take for clients who need to be moved over before the 2024 deadline.

This guide also includes a breakdown of income and expenses that are likely to be required.

Download to learn:

  • Why it is essential to begin migrating clients before the 'go live' date
  • The current legal requirements for digital records
  • How record-keeping will vary for trades and landlords
  • Digital links requirements
  • Deadlines for quarterly updates
  • How to determine if bookkeeping stays in-house

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