12th Dec 2022

Out-of-scope work: How to avoid leaving nearly £70k on the table

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Ignition’s first ‘State of client engagement’ report explores the impact that delaying awkward client conversations has on accounting professionals and their firms in the United Kingdom.

Using a plethora of information from 470 key decision makers across the UK, this report provides key insight into the challenges, concerns and costs that have arisen in 2022.

From late payments and out of scope work to writing off invoices and losing staff – the repercussions of avoiding or delaying these conversations are significant. If ignored, find out how this can impact the financial health and wellbeing of your firm.

Download to explore:

  • The main challenges and concerns at accounting firms
  • Awkward client situations and conversations
  • Top tips and solutions for navigating blockers
  • More key stats and insights

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Out-of-scope work

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