31st Jan 2022

Pay PAYE tax in just 90 seconds

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Introducing the solution to PAYE payments pain.

Modulr’s partnerships with leading accounting software providers strengthens accountancy and payroll teams by offering a fast, secure and easy way to make payroll payments and eliminate inefficiencies. Critically, these partnerships also help prevent PAYE payments from falling by the wayside.

Join us as we look at how Modulr’s reporting capabilities, along with the ability to pay HMRC directly from the accounting software that accountants already love, help ensure practices keep on top of their clients’ PAYE taxes.

This guide will cover

  • The rush to PAYE HMRC
  • How accounting software helps pay PAYE tax on time
  • Improving client communication to reduce payment complexity
  • Clearing up PAYE systems for tax simplicity
  • Leveraging the best PAYE systems for tax in the UK
  • Safeguard your accounts with Modulr, and make rapid PAYE payments

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