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Practice Excellence LIVE! The tax legislation pipeline - what's around tax corner?

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28th Jul 2016

Wednesday 26th October 2016, 2pm

There is a new tax landscape on the horizon. There is Brexit, making tax digital, a new Chancellor, a new Prime Minister and a new legislated outlook -  All this is going to combine to produce and extensive list of legislative changes to tax statutes.  

This session is designed to arm you with early sight of the major changes coming through the pipeline. This session will help you identify what are key consultations happening now and what is coming, answering these key questions:

  • What do they mean and how can you get involved?
  • What is it and how to you make it real for you and your client.
  • How can you use it as a way to improve clients relations

Practice Excellence Live is an interactive online broadcast. In other words we’re bringing the conference to you! Each cutting edge session will be live streamed from our film studio in Bristol.

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