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8th Sep 2020

Many organisations put up with time-consuming consolidation, ineffective reporting and inaccurate processes. Discover a better way of managing group accounting.

Finance teams soldier on feeling the same pain every month end. But there is a better way. Watch a demo of our award-winning financial management platform where we demonstrate how multi-entity, multi-location and multicurrency accounting is simplified with AccountsIQ.

Transform your finance function with smarter cloud accounting: 

  • Get timely, accurate financial information to make informed decisions and real time visibility of group-wide results
  • Streamline and automate processes: workflow approval, automated consolidation and reporting which help improve working processes and enjoyment
  • Expand into new markets and locations with multi-currency, consolidated reporting and multi-currency sales, purchases and bank accounts
  • Gain efficiencies with our Salesforce, OCR and payment integrations and ecosystem partners
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