29th Nov 2021

Rebecca Benneyworth's 2020-2021 self assessment survival guide

Rebecca Benneyworth drills into a variety of technical issues to deal with on 2021 returns and practical tips to help you survive the busy season.
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We're in the thick of another self assessment season, but it's a season like no other. 

As we put furlough claims behind us we are settling down to deal with reporting the fall-out from COVID on client returns. There is a variety of technical issues to deal with on 2020-2021 returns, some of which arise directly from the pandemic and support provided to businesses, and others which are more related to the effects of the pandemic on the income or profits of our clients. 

Rebecca Benneyworth's 2020-2021 self assessment survival guide explains the issues you may need to deal with this year and practical tips to overcome them to help make the busy season as smooth as possible. 

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