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Contact: Martin Theaker
Address: Pennine House
Denton Lane
Phone: 0845 456 3103
Fax: 0845 456 3104
Email: [email protected]
Description: Keytime has many years experience in providing accounting solutions to small and medium sized business throughout the UK and Ireland, currently supporting over 1000 businesses who use Sage Pastel.Sage Pastel's range of accounting software is suitable for all types of small and medium size (SME) businesses.

Sage Pastel is the SME market leader in the southern hemisphere and its software products are used by more than 180,000 companies operating in Africa, Europe, the UK, Australia and Asia.

The Sage Pastel product range provides flexible and feature-rich accounting and business management software solutions. From small, single user start-up operations right through to larger entities with multiple companies and several hundred concurrent users, Sage Pastel has the right-sized solution for your business.

Product Descriptions: Accounting: Pastel Invoicing -
Pastel Xpress -
Pastel Partner -
Pastel Evolution -

Business Software Products:

Resolve (CRM) -
Fixed Assets -
ACT! -

Latest Promotion: We take great pleasure in introducing you to Pastel Accounting 2009 which offers greater security, flexibility, efficiency and control. Read on for some of the new features and benefits. Manage your bank transactions
Available as an add-on module for Pastel Xpress and Pastel Partner, Pastel Bank Manager allows you to download an electronic bank statement from any major bank, map the transactions to the correct accounts, and the system will automatically assign the transactions for you after each import. Reconciling your bank account has never been quicker or easier.

Prevent fraud
Pastel Accounting 2009 now enables the restriction of access to sensitive financial information, by user. Categorise certain people within a group for standard access capabilities, and further personalise individual user rights.

Tighten system security
Track the date, time and user who makes any system set-up changes, which promotes accountability, minimises mistakes and deters users from fraudulent behaviour.

Transaction Audit Trail
The Transaction Audit Trail provides a chronological sequence of transactions to help with data interrogation

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