Tax efficient ways to extract cash from companies

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20th Jul 2017

With the 2017-18 tax year now in full swing, no doubt company owners and their professional advisers will be reviewing remuneration strategies.

To give you a helping hand, and a comprehensive review strategy, we have released the 2017-18 version of our special 15,000+ word guide, "Tax Efficient Ways To Extract Cash From Your Company".

Written by respected business tax expert/author Sarah Bradford, with directors of small or medium sized companies in mind, this comprehensive guide covers:

  • Salaries and Bonuses
  • Benefits in kind (BIKs)
  • Dividend Strategies
  • Pension Provisions
  • Loans
  • Liquidation
  • Planning for Spouses or Civil Partners
  • Rent and Asset Sales
  • Purchase of Own Shares

This easy-to-read guide will benefit both tax professionals and taxpayers.

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