The beginner's guide to video for accountants

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10th Sep 2020

Video is a powerful communications medium and one that’s easier than ever for accountants to explore. The potential benefits are huge – and, as with so many things, the more you do it, the easier it gets.

PracticeWeb has launched a new series of short, easy-to-understand guides covering the basics of digital marketing, one aspect at a time because we’ve been listening to the accountants we work with. The benefits of video – why you should care. 

In our beginner’s guide to video we look at:

  • The rise of internet video: a little backstory
  • Different styles of video: it’s not all talking heads
  • How to make a DIY video today: practical advice
  • How to make a text video
  • Sharing your video and how to use your video
  • Software advice and further reading

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