The TaxCalc Survival Guide to Self Assessment

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TaxCalc are Accounting Excellence Winners 2020. Accounts Production Software of the Year and Professional Tax Software of the Year.

“It’s heads down for a tax return season like no other!” says Rebecca Benneyworth.

The 2021 tax return season is going to present new challenges to the way you and your team work with extended remote working and more financial turmoil. TaxCalc's best-in-class customer service team and award-winning product suite will ensure you and your clients are equipped to work remotely and securely, and in compliance with AML and GDPR.

TaxCalc's 2020/21 survival guide to self assessment, written by Rebecca Benneyworth will show you how TaxCalc's suite of products will make the next two months that bit more bearable, allowing you to meet the needs of your clients more efficiently. 

Topics covered:

  • Supporting the way your practice works in 2020/21
  • Topical tips / common errors
  • Setting course for new destinations - MTD
TaxCalc AWEB Self assessment guide 2021

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