The ultimate guide to VAT on Expenses

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19th May 2020

This guide is designed to lead you through the minefield that is VAT on expenses and highlight the kinds of problems that you may encounter in real life.

There can’t be many VAT registered companies that don’t find themselves reimbursing employee expenses and for many, this almost becomes a ‘cottage industry’ of ensuring compliance with regulations and manual data entry and control. Often, finance departments find themselves spending significant amounts of time each month managing the whole process and this can lead to directors and managers feeling that they get little or no added value from the effort.

This is a general guide and has been written from the point of view of a company running the standard VAT accounting scheme. Whether you are new to the whole area of VAT on staff expenses or you have more experience, you’ll find items of interest and assistance. 


  • Where to start with VAT on Expenses
  • What can you claim for? (and what can’t you claim for)
  • Controlling expenses and VAT
  • The four biggest headaches with VAT and expenses
  • VAT Law: some real-life examples from the Tribunals
  • How technology can help
  • Your next steps
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