Three challenges CFOs must overcome in 2021

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Today's CFOs wear many different hats: financial leader, business descision-maker and data specialist. With 51% of CFOs admitting they are juggling too many responsibilites, businesses are at risk of their CFOs becoming overwhelmed. In a decade that has already posed so many new challenges for CFOs, how they anticipate and react will not only determine their success in the role, but that of their organisation. Being focused on strategy, priorising tasks and making critical business descisions and investments has never been more important. 

In a recent survey, NetSuite interviewed their customers and discovered three common challenges that CFOs can address to support and help lead the business. Approaching these three challenges will help CFOs ensure they are guiding their business in the right way, navigating risks and uncovering new opportunities to take the business forward. 

You'll learn how to

  • Lead a strategy with stability
  • Improve financial planning
  • Adopt new technology wisely
Navigating new paths CFOs

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