Understanding Increased Minimum Contributions (Phasing) & its implications

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20th Mar 2018

DATE - Wednesday, 28 March, 2018

TIME - 2.30 pm

LOCATION - At your desk

DURATION - 1 hour

On the 6th April 2018, employers are required to increase the total contributions into their employees pension pot from 2% to 5%. Employers will contribute 2% with the employee contributing 3%, totalling 5%. Minimum contributions will undergo a further increase next year on the 6th April 2019, with the total minimum contribution increasing from 5% to 8%, representing a 3% employer and 5% employee contributions.

Join us for a free interactive webinar where our team will take you through what's involved with the latest increases in contributions. 


  • An overview of Phasing
  • Who does phasing apply to?
  • Are employers ready for the contribution increases?
  • Informing staff about the increases
  • Implementing the increases in BrightPay¬†
  • A quick peek at BrightPay Connect

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