What are the key pains that finance directors face when starting a new job?

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10th Jun 2019

For an ambitious professional in the finance industry, becoming a leader and assuming the role of finance director (or FD) at a firm, not for profit or other organisation is a key goal. Working as a finance director can lead to all kinds of satisfying outcomes, ranging from managing talented individuals to delivering cost savings and turning a company around.

But there are also some pain points in place that a finance director needs to tackle if they are to succeed in this role. From working out how to overcome the burden of administration that is often placed on them to ensuring that they can find the right talent for the jobs they have and spreading the workload efficiently, there are lots of challenges to think about.

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What you'll learn

  • How to overcome the burden of administration
  • How to ensure that you find the right talent for the jobs you have
  • How to spread the workload efficiently
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