What's stopping your accounting firm connecting with the right clients?

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Small and medium-sized businesses are facing new challenges. To deal with them, they need new kinds of services from their accountants.

In an increasingly digital and automated business landscape, accountants must ensure their own working practices are up to date, and offer value beyond technical compliance alone.

But as accountants make that change, what’s important to their clients is that they maintain strong, genuine relationships – and that the way they present themselves online is true to the way their firm works in reality.

We’ve put together this research in association with ACCA, to help you understand what SMEs want from their accountant in the future, what their biggest challenges are, and what practical steps you can take to connect with them.

This report looks at the following main themes:

  • Businesses’ biggest challenges are online
  • Accountants moving to advisory
  • Clients expecting more digital adoption
  • Warmth and customer service being essential
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