29th Mar 2021

Why SMEs won't pay for business advice and how to change their minds

PracticeWeb research report: Why SMEs won't pay for business advice and how to change their minds. In association with ACCA.
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In association with ACCA. The problem with business advice. The events of the last year has prompted some business owners to look to their accountant for new kinds of advice, from guidance on furlough, grants and loan applications, to support with Brexit-related changes.

But there’s a problem. Business owners still tend to view their accountants as people who are only interested in technical tax matters or structural changes in a business, and not as people they can to go to for broader business advice. They don’t see their accountant as someone who can talk to them about growing their business, or their long-term strategic goals.

For accountants who offer business advice as a service in its own right, or want to start doing so, overcoming that value gap is essential.

This report looks at:

  • How SME challenges align with accountancy services
  • The value business owners put on advice
  • Where the main misunderstandings and knowledge gaps lie between accountants and their prospects
  • Practical tips based on our experience so you can start connecting with clients and demonstrating the value of your advice.

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