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TolleyProactive consists of seven software applications that help you save time, systemise processes, market your services and earn more fees:

  1. Introducing a Corporate Partner
  2. Entrepreneurs’ Relief Review
  3. Pre Year End Tax Planner for Companies
  4. Purchase of Own Shares – see opportunity brief
  5. Reclaiming Class 4 NICs for a Sleeping Partner
  6. Tax Credits
  7. Principal Private Residence

Key benefits:

  • Recognise potential opportunities with minimal time and effort
  • Increase revenue by charging premium value based fees
  • Tools and support to promote opportunities and implement tax savings

What is included in TolleyProactive?

Each TolleyProactive application contains a set of tools designed to reduce the time and effort needed to promote and implement tax planning opportunities to clients and prospective clients:

  • Tax Savings Calculator to highlight tax savings to clients and price the opportunity correctly
  • Briefs to get you started: opportunity brief, marketing brief, software brief, technical brief and pricing brief
  • Planning Documents to help you complete activities: pre-meeting letter, meeting agenda, client engagement clarification, sample tax engagement letter, completion letter, flowchart and checklist

Download this Resource

Fill in your details and download the free Purchase of Own Shares opportunity brief to see how you could be more proactive with your clients: