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Capium, CSV


Cashflow, FRS 102, FRS 105, LLP, Partnership, Sole trader


Audit, Import, Submit, Tag


Full Capium suite from £1020/per year  (100 clients) - £3060/per year (unlimited)

Accounts production software: £15/mo (100 clients); £30/mo (300 clients); £45/mo (500 clients)

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13+ User reviews and ratings

Sole Practitioner, Less than £250k
24 April, 2018

What do you like?

Simple design, integration between modules and all in the cloud!

What would you change?

More editing options for final accounts formats

Pros and cons directly from users

  • Cloud software that can be accessed anytime from any computer
  • Simplicity and speed of submission
  • Easy to use, good functionality, no fuss and good support
  • Information integration and flow
  • Great support and pricing
  • We want to be able to use the software for charity accounts
  • More editing options for final accounts formats
  • More auto-validation for accounts production
  • It would be good to roll forward individual client layouts
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“When selecting software, everything is important. It’s not about how good it is, it’s about how right it is for your business” - Sole practitioner

"Previously, you would spend hours pulling all together. This simplifies the whole software research process. I really like it!" - Large practice accountant