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CCH Central, QBO, Twinfield, Xero, CSV


Accountant, Academy, Cashflow, Charity, Farm, FRS 102, FRS 105, Group, IFRS, LLP, Doctor, Pension, Probate, Trust


Adjust, Audit, Cashflow, Drill, Import, Submit, Tag


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Partner, Less than £250k
10 May, 2018

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Ease of use and speed of production

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Make final accounts format more flexible

Pros and cons directly from users

  • Good functionality and technical expertise to suit complex needs
  • Ease of use and speed of production
  • Integration with lots of bookkeeping packages
  • Good range of nominal codes
  • Many tailoring options - iXBL tagging a breeze
  • Good support
  • Niggles about flexibility, templates and performance
  • Make it easier to edit personal data and other data
  • Buggy and unpredictable - needs checking to ensure no errors have crept in
  • Could be cheaper, and available in the cloud
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