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IRIS, Exchequer, FreeAgent, Kashflow, MyWorkPapers, QBO, Xero, CSV


Academy, Cashflow, Charity, Doctor, Farm, FRS 102, FRS 102 1A, FRS 105, Group, IFRS, Mgmt Pack, Partnership, Sole trader, Solicitor


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Management Accountant/Accountant, £1m-£4.9m
4 May, 2018

What do you like?

It's always up to date. A great tool for ensuring accounts compliant with the relevant standards

What would you change?

The notes aren't always as customisable as we would like and the iXBRL tagging is a bit wayward. The default account codes should always be correctly tagged by default but several are not

Pros and cons directly from users

  • Integration with all aspects of practice - accounts link to corporation tax and personal tax automatically
  • Carries out almost every function required without very much manual intervention/interpretation
  • Easy to use and support staff are helpful
  • Always up to date with latest changes
  • Covers a broad range of scenarios
  • Produces consistent accounts, with legislation built into the notes
  • Price is an issue
  • Account codes need to be more flexible
  • Sometimes there are bugs in the system
  • iXBRL tagging is a bit wayward - default account codes are not always correct
  • Boost its speed and remove some of the complexities
  • Some of the screens feel outdated and clunky
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“When selecting software, everything is important. It’s not about how good it is, it’s about how right it is for your business” - Sole practitioner

"Previously, you would spend hours pulling all together. This simplifies the whole software research process. I really like it!" - Large practice accountant