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VT Transaction+, Excel, CSV, SNF


FRS 102, FRS 102 1A, LLP, Partnership, Sole trader


Adjust, Import, Journal, Map, Tag, Submit, Cashbook


Single user license £199 for first year (additional licenses £99 each)

Subsequent years including support £150 (single user)/£75 (existing additional users); additional users £99 each.

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Key Features

  • Trial balance can be entered manually into TB sheet in Excel, automatically obtained from VT Transaction+/VT Cash Book files
  • Trial balances can also be imported from third party accounting packages
  • The TB sheet can be converted into an extended trial balance with up to 250 adjustment columns
  • Adjustments can be entered manually or using a journal dialogue
  • Negative numbers automatically shown in brackets and correctly aligned
  • Balances are checked and user alerted if the accounts do not balance or if current year is inconsistent with comparative year
  • Accounts lines and notes with nil balances are automatically hidden
  • Notes numbered automatically
  • Double entry style reports (including a nominal ledger) based on the extended trial balance can be displayed or printed
  • Text that depends on the results such as profit, loss or profit/(loss) is automatically altered
  • P&L and balance sheet in tax return format can be exported to tax software packages (for unincorporated businesses)
  • Generates iXBRL accounts files for attaching to CT return and files electronic accounts with Companies House

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What VT Final Accounts says

VT Final Accounts runs in Microsoft Excel and produces professionally formatted company, LLP, sole trader, and partnership accounts. A trial balance and up to 250 journals can be entered and a nominal report printed. A trial balance can also be imported from VT Transaction+, VT Cash Book and most other accounting packages. The company accounts include a corporation tax computation.

VT Final Accounts contains accounts templates and an add-in program. The add-in features enable many tasks to be automated.

Because of its ease of use and flexibility, VT Final Accounts appeals to a broad range of users such as freelance accountants, firms in practice and companies with just one set of accounts to prepare per year.

iXBRL files for attaching to a corporation tax return can be generated at the touch of a button (VT workbooks are pre-tagged), and VT Final Accounts can also be used to self tag any set of accounts or corporation tax computation in any Excel workbook.

The iXBRL accounts can be filed electronically with Companies House via the VT Filer application.

What users say about VT Final Accounts

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  • A basic set of accounts can be prepared in a matter of seconds
  • Ability to see the extended trial balance as a spreadsheet
  • Simple to use, especially if you keep your records on VT+ Transactions
  • Very cheap and have most the features you need

    Things you might change

  • It doesn't offer an online version
  • It could do with the ability to link into bank statement downloads
  • No charity accounts features




  • Powerful and fully data driven
  • A basic set of accounts can be prepared in seconds

    Things you might change

  • Would be great if this could be moved to the cloud so I can still work when I'm away
  • In my experience doesn't always run perfectly with Windows 10

Ease of use



  • Easy to use and very flexible

Value for money



  • Very cheap and have most the features you need
  • Very competitive pricing

What AccountingWEB says

VT Final Accounts has led the accounts production field among small accountants for most of the past decade thanks to its low cost and compatibility with the accountant’s favourite tool, Microsoft Excel.

VT retains a loyal constituency but the spreadsheet foundation that has made it so popular is becoming less of a must-have since other developers have moved into its market, including cloud alternatives such as Taxfiler and Capium.

User reviews (19)

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Partner, £250k-£499k
7 June, 2018

What do you like?

Simple to use.

What would you change?

Add charity accounts features.
Sole Practitioner, Less than £250k
7 June, 2018

What do you like?

Excel based, good value for money.

What would you change?

A cloud offering would be useful.
Sole Practitioner, Less than £250k
7 June, 2018

What do you like?

Easy to use and very flexible and cheap.

What would you change?

Ability to purchase additional formats eg. charity.
Partner, Less than £250k
29 May, 2018

What do you like?

Value for money and ease of use.

What would you change?

Automatic template update when accounting standards change.
Principal/Senior Partner, £250k-£499k
29 May, 2018

What do you like?

It does everything we need it to do allowing us to prepare accounts with the full level of detail which we require in a very time efficient manner.

What would you change?

There is no clear road map to MTD at this point.


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