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VT Transaction+, Excel, CSV, SNF


FRS 102, FRS 102 1A, LLP, Partnership, Sole trader


Adjust, Import, Journal, Map, Tag, Submit, Cashbook


Single user license £199 for first year (additional licenses £99 each)

Subsequent years including support £150 (single user)/£75 (existing additional users); additional users £99 each.

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Sole Practitioner, Less than £250k
19 April, 2018

What do you like?

It is by far the easiest bookkeeping package we have ever used. And the financial statements are produced in such a way that my clients (mainly small businesses) understand. The link to file directly with Companies House is brilliant. It produces the tagged accounts for company accounts filing

What would you change?

Wish they did payroll as well as at the moment the payroll has to be journaled in

Pros and cons directly from users

  • A basic set of accounts can be prepared in a matter of seconds
  • Ability to see the extended trial balance as a spreadsheet
  • Simple to use, especially if you keep your records on VT+ Transactions
  • Very cheap and have most the features you need
  • It doesn't offer an online version
  • It could do with the ability to link into bank statement downloads
  • No charity accounts features
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“When selecting software, everything is important. It’s not about how good it is, it’s about how right it is for your business” - Sole practitioner

"Previously, you would spend hours pulling all together. This simplifies the whole software research process. I really like it!" - Large practice accountant