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Money Manager, OpenOffice, Sage, VT, CSV


£40 (single company) - £195 (agent)


Adjust, Authorise, Bridge, File, Report

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Key Features

  • Allows you to transmit and retrieve data from the HMRC MTD system
  • Works with other packages such as Excel, Sage or VT Transaction+
  • Desktop and web-based cloud version
  • Multi company agent version and single company version

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What Forbes MTD says

We have a number of solutions ranging from bridging software that will allow you to transmit data prepared in other packages such as Excel, Sage or VT Transaction+. This complies not only with the current regime but after the soft landing period has ended.

We also have bookkeeping software ranging from simple income expenses that can run on a smartphone to more comprehensive package with migration facilities from Sage.

All the software is both in the form of traditional desktop or as web based cloud versions. It may be licenced as multi company agent versions and single company versions for your clients.

The agent packages are integrated with our final accounts, tax, payroll and CIS products.

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