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Key Features

  • Adaptable workflow engine designed with the practitioner in mind. Glide users can configure processes for AML, onboarding etc
  • Comprehensive homepage dashboard includes specific measures such as deadlines, turnaround times and outstanding
  • Statutory deadlines are calculated automatically
  • Workflows can accommodate up to nine customisable staff positions
  • Tasks can be automatically assigned according to particular criteria and actions triggered by specified conditions
  • Staff manually confirm that each stage has been completed, but Glide will also allow the user to create custom jobs not covered
  • Calendar-like Schedule tool allows the user to drag and drop client tasks into free timeslots
  • Time & billing Progress buttons let users capture work done on a job with the click of a mouse
  • WIP ledger can generate a client bill by checking off time assigned to their work
  • Bills raised in Glide - including recurring ones - can be passed into the firm’s Xero ledgers
  • Onboarding template can be tweaked and tailored as the firm needs
  • Alerts can be set up to chase clients, for example if they did not respond to a previous information request

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What Glide says

Glide was designed to give Accountants a previously elusive level of visibility over the work flowing through the practice and comfort that they will always meet clients' expectations of service levels. It allows firms to move away from the use of multiple trackers, spreadsheets and the high number of meetings and confusion that surrounds this outdated approach.

Initially built for an office of c15 staff, Glide caters for multiple teams and offices and happily scales up to provide the same benefits to larger or more complex firms.

Glide has pre-configured templates for common services; however, those that take advantage of the multiple ways in which Glide can be configured will get the most from the software. Even the simplest of firms have unique ways of working and it is important this can be maintained.

For each stage a job may be at we reduce the requirements placed on team members to a single click of the mouse. You will have configured what this means in advance. Potentially moving the job to a new stage, setting target dates, passing the job to a different user/position, emailing them, messaging the client. In Glide you manage the process and can add value to the historically basic concept of job tracking.

Glide brings control and accuracy. Onto this firms can optionally choose to manage timesheets, WIP, billing and scheduling as well as triggering any number of internal or external email and SMS alerts.

What users say about Glide

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  • “Just amazing and hugely underrated”
  • “Can easily be configured to suit individual practice”
  • “It works well for deadlines and retaining client data in one place”
  • “Great value for money”
  • “Excellent support”

    Things you might change

  • “Somebody needs to configure the workflows (or ask the developer to customise them for an addional fee)”
  • “Missing CRM features that are available in other systems”




  • “Extremely flexible for setting up different workflows for different processes and situations”
  • “Complete control over job stages within firm”

    Things you might change

  • “Improve linking database to other software”




  • “Fantastic support, where the team are always willing to tweak Glide to match our internal workflow systems”
  • “Support is top notch - both during set up and afterwards”
  • “Been very impressed with the helpfulness of the support”

    Things you might change

  • “Faster support”

Ease of use



  • “Can easily be configured to suit individual practice”

Value for money



  • “Great value for money”

What AccountingWEB says

Glide has taken advantage of cloud computing to create an online workflow engine suited to the needs of accounting practices of all sizes. The application currently caters for more than 200 firms with customisable templates for jobs ranging from accounts and tax preparation through to VAT, payroll and management accounts.

Staff using the system can call up preconfigured processes for existing clients as well as separate workflows for tracking prospects and engaging new clients. Glide includes facilities for recording time manually and generating bills from work in progress, which can both feed directly into Xero ledgers and pull recurring bills out.

The speed of change in the practice market was an issue for Glide, which responded with lower cost options to counteract the threat from more nimble startups like AccountancyManager and Senta.

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Principal/Senior Partner, £250k-£499k
29 May, 2018

What do you like?

Fantastic support, where the team are always willing to tweak Glide to match our internal workflow systems. Great value for money. Love it!

What would you change?

Linking of database to other software.
Principal/Senior Partner, Less than £250k
22 May, 2018

What do you like?

The fact that it can be tailored to your individual needs.

What would you change?

Faster support.
MD/CEO/General Manager/Director, Less than £250k
12 April, 2018

What do you like?

Can easily be configured to suit individual practice. Excellent support.

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