Monday, February 1, 2021 - 09:00 - 10:00

Self assessment: Client stories, challenges and penalties

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Self assessment: Client stories, challenges and penalties

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About this episode

Hot on the heels of HMRC’s late filing penalty U-turn, Any Answers Live returns to AccountingWEB for a self assessment debrief  - and a regroup for others.

In what would have been the day after the self assessment deadline, Glenn Martin and Sian Kelly join the Any Answers panel to share their horror stories from the busy season, and compare notes on how they’re managing the late filing penalty deferment. Did they work to 31st January or are they prolonging the torture of self assessment season?

With the pandemic crushing hopes of post-self assessment skiing getaways this February, our panel will also explain what the next few months have in store for them and how they’re managing the practice challenges ahead.

You’ll come away from this lively session with:

- An overview of the compliance challenges ahead

- A chance to find out how other accountants have approached the U-turn on filing penalties

- A plan to capitalise on February, rather than being dragged back into tax returns

- Support on how you can rebound from a tumultuous year


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