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Cloud software for ambitious accounting firms with live client files, connected workpapers and AI you can trust. Built by accountants for accountants, we support over 340,000 client files annually for firms including 30 of the UK's top 100.

Silverfin helps firms thrive by creating consistency and capacity with improved access, accuracy and insights enhanced by AI trained on financial data. Year-end preparations and corporation tax submissions can take 50% less time using automation, AI data checking and in-context communications.

Per client file pricing, a modern interface and simple implementation make it easy to unlock value and create capacity.

Automate your core accounting work

With your live client data stored in the Silverfin Hub, it’s easy for your entire team to access the latest information and streamline core accounting work with automation that eliminates errors and creates capacity.

Connected Working Papers 

Fast, accurate, paperless preparation and review of your client accounts with digital working paper templates. Connected live to your client data they avoid duplicated work, reduce errors and can halve the time it takes to prepare year-end accounts.

Accounts Production 

Prepare and submit MTD-compliant statutory accounts ina fraction of the time with our smart templates, including relevant notes and disclosures, all automatically pre-populated with data from your Working Papers.

Silverfin Assistant

Find outliers, errors and opportunities in client files with our intelligent AI-powered Assistant that constantly analyses your data. This powerful AI cuts out time-consuming manual checking, helps train junior staff and spots advisory opportunities.