Skore is the process improvement software that allows Accountants to map, analyse, improve and manage business processes easily. If you are looking to optimise client services, increase customer satisfaction, and continuously improve the way you work then Skore is the platform for you.

It enables Accountants to deliver profitable business services to their clients whilst meeting the unique needs of individual businesses. 

With Skore you can visualise your processes like you’ve never seen them before as your team maps and analyses processes with ease as well as encouraging collaboration and improvement opportunities. 

You will generate powerful insights with dashboards that will show exactly where the costs are in your processes.

Why work with us?
A simple approach - our product is so easy to use, anyone can build a comprehensive and powerful process library

 An approachable, experienced team - we’re process improvement experts and have worked with companies of all sizes and with thousands of finance processes. You have access to all our expertise

A vibrant community - if we don't know the answer, someone in our community will. You'll find templates, live events, experts and much more to help you get the right strategy and deliver value