By BrightPay | 23rd Aug 2019

8 ways to improve your GDPR processes

BrightPay Connect is tailored to help you overcome some of the key challenges that the GDPR presents when processing payroll. The payroll itself is...
By BrightPay | 19th Aug 2019

Accountants opting out of sending paper payslips!

We don’t get paychecks anymore, do we? The concept has been banished to TV shows set in the 1960s, where we see a down-on-their-luck salesman...
By BrightPay | 16th Aug 2019

The evolution of BrightPay Connect

Behind every great achievement, there is an origin story. Isaac Newton discovering gravity by an apple falling on his head; Columbus discovering the...
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By BrightPay | 14th Aug 2019

Client Satisfaction: It's not that difficult

Everyday life has changed immensely due to the progression of technology. Technology influences all aspects of our life - so much that it’s difficult...
By FreeAgent | 13th Aug 2019

FreeAgent unveils multi-currency bills

Last week, award-winning cloud accounting provider FreeAgent unveiled its new look (and multi-currency) bills. For many clients, staying on top of...