By accountingcpd.net | 7th Aug 2019

Planning Ahead: Getting your CPD head on

There is no time like the present to start thinking about goals, both personally and professionally. Whilst traditionally when we think about setting...
By accountingcpd.net | 31st Jul 2019

Spreadsheet errors and how to avoid them

It's just a spreadsheet, what can go wrong? Typing a "2" instead of a "1", led to 10,000 too many tickets being issued for a synchronised swimming...
By Lifecycle | 26th Jul 2019

Key Points from Lifecycle's latest Seminars

Lifecycle’s Summer Accounting Update seminars took place following the conclusion of the Financial Reporting Council’s (FRC) triennial review and...
By Lifecycle | 12th Jul 2019

New CPD Webinar: Summer Accounting Update 2019

As part of Lifecycle’s continuing commitment to free accountant training, the recent series of Summer Accounting Update sessions, which took place at...
By Lifecycle | 1st Jul 2019

Top 10 benefits of becoming a Lifecycle member

It’s three years since Leonard Curtis launched its Lifecycle accountants’ network and membership numbers now stand at over 2,000. To achieve such a...
By accountingcpd.net | 27th Jun 2019

Get CPD motivated and still enjoy summer

What would you and your team prefer to be doing this summer other than CPD? It can be difficult to persuade your team to spend time completing...
By ICPA | 17th Jun 2019

Practice Evolution Conference 2019

Practice Evolution 2019 The ICPA will be returning to the North this year with our Practice Evolution Conference taking place on the 4th July at the...
26th Apr 2019
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