Forecasting, Planning & Analysis
By | 19th Aug 2019

Accountancy is a Leading Qualification in the FTSE

The fact that accountants are increasingly becoming valued as trusted business advisors is old news. However, it is worth acknowledging that...
By Fathom | 5th Aug 2019

How can you deliver advisory meetings with Fathom?

It’s no secret that Fathom provides business performance insights which advisors can use to add value to their clients. However, taking the time to...
By Zahara | 9th Jul 2019

Get Your Budgets under Management (8 minute video)

Managing budgets can be an admin head-ache for many business owners and managers. Spreadsheets, emails and occasional reviews just aren't suitable...
By Zahara | 27th Jun 2019

Half year check up: Actuals v Budget? What Budget?

Budget V Actuals So, how are you performing against your half year budget? Reviewing your actual performance against the budget is prudent business...
By Capitalise | 6th Jun 2019

Forecasting and funding can help clients do more

How Cornish Accounting put funding at the heart of advisory services. What small businesses want from their accountant has evolved. Business owners...
By Fathom | 3rd Jun 2019

A My Companies refresh & updates to consolidations

At Fathom we meticulously craft every detail to make the best possible product, and a big part of this is keeping on the lookout for new ways to...
By CaseWare | 13th May 2019

Understanding data with automation software

Accounting can provide essential financial information to guide planning and business decisions. But how can you interpret the data available?...