By BrightPay | 23rd Aug 2019

8 ways to improve your GDPR processes

BrightPay Connect is tailored to help you overcome some of the key challenges that the GDPR presents when processing payroll. The payroll itself is...
By BrightPay | 19th Aug 2019

Accountants opting out of sending paper payslips!

We don’t get paychecks anymore, do we? The concept has been banished to TV shows set in the 1960s, where we see a down-on-their-luck salesman...
By BrightPay | 22nd Jul 2019

Why emailing payslips can put you at risk

When it comes to being GDPR-compliant in a payroll bureau , you might think that you only need to password protect all the payroll reports and...
Accounting Excellence
By Accounting Excellence | 18th Jul 2019

Data: the fuel that drives your accounting firm

1PM, Thursday 25th July 2019 Sign up Data is the bedrock for modern accountancy and the firms that manage data best will prosper in the rapidly...
By BrightPay | 17th Jul 2019

The £183m British Airways fine

Now that we’re all settled in and comfortable with GDPR , it’s easy to lapse into familiarity. It’s like when you have a new partner and you put on a...
By BrightPay | 10th Jul 2019

GDPR 2.0 - Here we go again!

Just when you thought it was all over, that all your data protection processes were up-to-date, along comes another EU regulation on personal data...
By BrightPay | 12th Jun 2019

Data protection - why you should take it seriously

Identity thieves are ALL up in your business, like, literally. Any bit of personal information can be used to imitate you in some way online and...