Agent update: Dishonest conduct legislation

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Nick Huber
Freelance journalist
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Statistics for the number and type of tax avoidance schemes disclosed to HMRC and an explanation of new legislation to deal with a “small minority” of dishonest tax agents are among the highlights of the latest Agent Update. Nick Huber reports.

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  • Working with tax agents: dishonest conduct
  • Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes

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01st Jan 2013 22:46

I am sure these powers will be abused.... HMRC already have many similar powers and have claimed, though they always refused to substantiate their claims, that I had once failed to provide information to them under a s20 notice; a notice obtained to supposedly obtain information I had previously offered but which they had declined, and which was used to attempt to pressurise me to not only act against the interests of the client but to withdraw a complaint against an Officer.


HMRC should not be given any more powers. I would prefer a fully independent complaints body, with full powers to order the firing or retraining of any person employed or contracted by HMRC. But if we were ever at the stage of having a fully independent complaints body, we may as well just cut to the chase to save time and money by creating an entirely new impartial/non-political tax governing body...with new management at least.


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02nd Jan 2013 11:53

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

we shall see

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By B Adder
02nd Jan 2013 14:59

I'm Spartacus


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02nd Jan 2013 15:50

i wanted to be
Tony Curtis but yes Im Saratacus , oh shit[***][***] cover blown again...

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