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A number of members have been concerned about blank screens when trying to view client statements online. This is particularly crucial in the absence of copy statements this year, so patience is running a little thin.

HMRC have this logged as a service issues problem. It is generally due to the security settings on browsers.

To save everyone ringing the online services helpdesk, HMRC has put together a page of suggested IT solutions for you to try. If none of these work, the guys at the online helpdesk seem to be able to sort it out.

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By pawncob
22nd Jan 2009 11:51

Ditto, David.

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22nd Jan 2009 11:23

Another subject - we have tried to change POA online for around ten clients since early December - although we get an online acknowledgement, not one of them has worked, so we have been reduced to the paper election.

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