Boris Johnson calls for London tax powers

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Mayor of London Boris Johnson has backed a new report published today that calls for greater tax-raising powers for London in order to improve the city's infrastructure.

While the exact details are yet to be fleshed out, Johnson expressed confidence that London could gain powers to raise property and other new taxes during his time in office.

While potentially divisive across the country, Johnson said...

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    16th May 2013 11:23

    Boris Johnson calls for London tax powers

    If The Scottish Parliament will get the right to set their own rate of income tax in 2016 regardless of the independence vote then I think Boris has a point. It may also mean that London residents pay for London infrastructure, this is fair?



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    16th May 2013 11:38

    So Boris

    wants only the wealthy to live in London. Allow property tax (bit like the reverse of London weighting) yes but I can't see how any other tax would work. I suppose the logic is give tax breaks to needy areas and get it back from affluent ares. Touble is with taxes, once started it can spread like wildfire.

    There are many other vehicles Boris could use to raise money

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    22nd May 2013 22:34

    Council tax ?

    What's wrong with Council Tax - maybe they need a few more higher-rate bands in London ?


    Perhaps the bands should be like A-level grades used to be: on a percentile basis.

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