CGT reform: Will he, won't he? By Nichola Ross Martin

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The chancellor is issuing his detailed proposals for CGT reform in three weeks time. Nichola Ross Martin sorts through the tea leaves to speculate what changes might be on the table and wonders if he will he playing Scrooge this Christmas?

Speaking at the CBIs annual conference yesterday, the Chancellor Alistair Darling trod carefully on the topic of his planned capital gains tax (CGT) reforms. Whilst acknowledging the advice and support given by CBI head, Richard Lambert and his colleagues, no cats were let out of their metaphorical bags, despite the optimism expressed in reports of his speech on the day. He did however indicate that draft proposals in what ever form they may take will be published in the next three weeks.

The chancellor has something of an uphill struggle in trying...

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03rd Dec 2007 18:31
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