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Would welcome feedback on the CIS Online Service.

I prepare CIS returns for 7 companies within our group - we registered immediately for the online service and duly received our pins and passwords.

Out of the 7 companies registered (around 100 subcontractors) only one subcontractor was prepopulated on line for one of our Companies.

After many phone calls and escalating to "live services" 2nd line support I've been advised to manually update the suppliers online. " THE PREPOPULATION HASN'T WORKED AS WE EXPECTED" This is despite the majority of these subcontractors appearing on our November and March listing sent out by HMRC as well as being prepopulated on our first Hard Copy monthly returns.

I can understand one hiccup but not 7 - manually updating 100 suppliers shouldn't be too onerous for us...

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14th Jun 2007 14:39

It's not just you

We don't actually submit the returns ourselves but supply software which will do it on the clients behalf
I would say that in the last 2 months I have spoken to at least 10 people who are buying the software simply because they are having problems doing the returns or validations manually

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13th Jul 2007 16:36

The CIS online is a useless shambles. Not only..
...are many subbies missing from the prepopulation, but others are repeated up to three times! Also, the authorisation system is a disaster. I have so far had two cases of authorisation requests taking weeks to process, when they should happen in a minute or two! There are loads of other bugs in the system too numerous for me to list. I have given up and will from now on use paper returns and phone authorisations.

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