Debt collectors go after £1.6bn credit errors

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Robert Lovell
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HMRC has brought in up to 12 debt collection agencies (DCA) to reclaim £1.6bn from overpaid tax credits, according to an investigation by campaign group False Economy and The Independent.

The joint investigation revealed there were 4.7 million cases of overpaid tax credits, totalling debts of £1.6bn, with hundreds of thousands of Britain’s poorest people likely to be targeted.

According to a freedom of information (FOI) request, in addition to writing to taxpayers, the DCAs have made contact by mobile phones with calls and texts.

The Independent reported that some of those targeted say they feel harassed and frightened, and in at least 80 tax credit cases, assets have been seized directly.

Another FOI request revealed HM...

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30th May 2014 16:44


The phoned my 'friend' and asked her to repay £47.70 a month.

They eventually back down and allowed her to pay £43.20.

She was delighted.

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30th May 2014 21:59

Make them pay!
This is the legislation our governments wanted so these people should pay up. If these people don't pay up they should be forced to pay.

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02nd Jun 2014 15:42

yes but no need to harass and bully them
In the process for what is quite often HMRC error

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05th Jun 2014 09:31

First of all get it RIGHT

A client who had transferred on first of May from NH NHS to Cambridge NHS. Yes you got it notice of coding changing her code number and saying as she is now earning over £100000 they want £4k back in tax credits. Following day phone call chasing. Wasn't interested in her explanation that HMRC had got it wrong.

How many more just like this? RTI - crap, not fit for purpose if this is the result.

The money should be spent on catching criminal illegals that get away much much more.

Easy targets again.

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