Don't 'print and post' online SDLT returns, warns HMRC

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HM Revenue & Customs has issued an urgent message, reminding customers that if they use Stamp Taxes Online to complete their SDLT returns, they must send their returns online.

'This is not a print and post service,' says HMRC. 'Please do not send a copy of the completed online form through the post as this will cause more than one UTRN to be allocated to the same transaction.'

The Revenue gives the following advice for filing online.

From the Return Status screen:

  • Select "Submit this return"

  • Select the appropriate declaration and then select "next"

  • Enter your user ID and password

  • Select "Submit this return"

    Customers who have already been contacted by Stamp Taxes about the processing of their online returns should stick to the advice they've already been given, adds HMRC.


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    By Anonymous
    15th Nov 2005 14:53

    Typical Revenue Practice
    If a unique reference was given (and printed) on the form surely this wouldn't be a problem? Can the Revenue not tell the difference between an online form and a postal one and check that it is not a duplicate if it is an online version? Surely this isn't such a great problem they cannot overcome? And whilst I haven't checked, shouldn't the warning be in big letters no-one can miss on the internet service making there no need to be on here if all this is not possible?

    Thanks (0)