Flat rate scheme - the final part of the story by Neil Warren

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Neil Warren is back again with more background on the flat rate scheme. Members have asked about overseas supplies and the flat rate scheme, so Neil has set out the details for us.

The third and final instalment of my flat rate scheme (FRS) review for AccountingWeb considers two very important issues for all practitioners:








  • How do you deal with transactions involving international trade both goods and services?
  • Can you backdate a clients application to join the FRS, which would be a great outcome if it gives him a big tax rebate


Acquisition of goods from another EU country

Over the last few weeks, I have considered a number of technical issues that have probably left you th...

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About Neil Warren

Neil Warren

Neil Warren is an independent VAT consultant and author who worked for Customs and Excise for 14 years until 1997.


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