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Government opens Brexit support grants worth up to £2,000


Small and medium-sized businesses are able to make a claim for the SME Brexit Support Fund to help untangle VAT and customs complexities. 

19th Apr 2021
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The UK’s exit from the EU on 1 January 2021 heralded a new set of tax and customs rules for businesses that trade goods or services across EU borders. 

Although AccountingWEB’s Brace for Brexit series acted as a useful guide for businesses adjusting to the new reality, businesses are still tussling with VAT and custom headaches over four months since the transition.  

This week the government has updated guidance on which businesses will be able to apply for the SME Brexit Support Fund – a new grant worth up to £2,000 that UK established businesses can use for training or professional advice. 

The grant is open for businesses that have up to 500 employees and have no more than £100m turnover. 

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Replies (3)

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By AndrewV12
20th Apr 2021 09:43

MMMMmm it all sounds to good to be true, what's the trade off and wants around the corner.

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By johnjenkins
20th Apr 2021 10:06

Waste of time energy and money.

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By memyself-eye
20th Apr 2021 11:17

£2,000 divided by 500 employees is err...err.. £4 each (phew)
yet the scout charity of which I'm a trustee has no turnover and no employees got over £20K.

Go figure.....

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