HMRC drops a very critical Adam Hart-Davis

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Following his recent and widely-reported criticism of HMRC, Adam-Hart Davis has been dropped as the TV figurehead for Self-Assessment.

In a Radio Five Live interview on the morning of 1 February, the organometallic chemist and former Tomorrows World presenter used the extended tax deadline to roundly criticise the UK tax system and the formation of HMRC itself.

Hart-Davis said the tax system was too complex, especially for the self-employed, and proposed that a single flat rate of tax would make life a lot easier for taxpayers.

"I would far rather everybody pay 30%, or there was one threshold: up to 20,000 you pay nothing, no allowances or second-order grab-backs," he said. "I think Gordon Brown would earn more tax if it were simpler, even if the rates were lower."

He also described the VAT sy...

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17th Feb 2008 10:13

Got there in the end
He took his time!

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By Anonymous
14th Feb 2008 13:44

gone the same way as Hector and Mrs Doyle
The Revenue took a risk when appointing Mr Hart-Davis in that he was capable of giving reasoned criticism, which he has eventually done. Whats the betting that the fourth representative in eleven years is another cartoon or faceless voice.

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